Setting your help hooks: Context sensitivity in Robohelp

If you use RH to create help for application software, you’re probably going to want that help to be context sensitive help.

  • But what does context sensitivity mean?
  • How do you design it?
  • How do you create it in RH, using which of the two methods that RH offers – the map file/alias file method or the link method?

At the end of this presentation, you’ll have a solid understanding of the concepts and mechanics involved in working with context sensitive help. This recorded sessions includes detailed slides that delineate challenges and solutions, followed by illustrative example demos in RoboHelp 10.

The presenter, Neil Perlin, is an internationally known consultant and president of Hyper/Word Services. Neil is a 33-year veteran of tech comm, a 26-year veteran of hypertext, a 21-year veteran of RoboHelp, and has been working with the evolving "mobile" market since 1998. You may view Neil's website at: